“At Mission Coffee Rochester, we’re more than coffee. A veteran service organization – we support our communities through partnership, fundraising and coffee.”

“At Mission Coffee, we’re more than coffee. Owned and operated by Veterans, for Veterans – we’re taking Veteran Coffee Service to a new level.”

Joe Van Cura – Founder
CPT, Medical Service Corps
US Army Reserve

Mission Coffee Rochester, NY

Veteran Coffee Service

We believe great change can start with great coffee…

A portion of every bag sold support local Veteran Initiatives. 

El Leon coffee bag

100% Costa Rican Single-Origin Arabica

El Sapero coffee bag

!00% Whole-bean Guatemalan

10th Mtn DivisionClimb2Glory Roast

100% Colombian Arabica.

What’s YOUR Mission?

At Mission Coffee Rochester we’re constantly shaping our mission, but one thing remains unchanged:

Fresh ethically sourced and locally roasted coffee has the power to create a closer, more invigorated Community. 

Leveraging this community connection through great coffee & giving a large portion of all proceeds to local initiatives is in the simplest of terms, the Mission behind Mission Coffee.

Here’s the hitch…

As a grass-roots organizations, we rely on our patrons, partners, and other community-focused individuals to employ the power of Mission Coffee for Rochester.

A veteran-owned company, we believe in  #OneTeam #OneFight.  

If you’re a local business, individual or organization that shares our passion for building stronger communities we’d love to hear from you.

~Yours in Service,

Mission Coffee Rochester

Dr. Joe Van Cura, O.D.
Dr. Joe Van Cura, O.D.
Dr. Joe Van Cura, O.D.

Dr. Joe & Crew

Mission Coffee Rochester, NY Infographic