Fundraising Example

Your customer coffee fundraising program design& flexibility is endless. Let our artist roasters develop a campaign, flavor and offering that’s perfect for your organizations, team or company. Your fundraising goal is our goal!

Here’s an example of how it can work!  The power of fundraising with Mission Coffee is the “Donor” get a bag of fresh roasted cafe in exchange for supporting your organization.

Take note of column three…Yes you’re asking “extra” for that bag of coffee at $20.00 for a 12 dollar retail bag, but look at the $11.75 in profit you’ll get from each contribution!

Let us multiply the effects of your goal, through partnership with our network of local non-profits. Consider giving a small portion of your proceeds to their organization, and Mission Coffee Rochester will match that contribution. Accelerate your earnings and make a larger community impact than you every thought possible!

Realize the Power of Partnership (PoP)!   (b/c we don’t drink Soda in Rochester)

Contact us to get the bean rolling….

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